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Our Story

The Foundry pays tribute to the rich history of America and the workers who helped build its foundation. 100 years ago, our great country was reborn through ingenuity and hard work. After many hours of research and meticulous planning our owners put together a concept for a restaurant that would showcase the American spirit, not only as décor, but as a depiction of our society before and after the Industrial Revolution.

As you walk through our doors you are met with a surreal experience where you visit the past in a unique way. History is not just a piece of décor for us, it is the backbone of our establishment as everything from the flooring to the lights to the ceiling include pieces from the early 1900’s and represent a time of prosperity.

While you will find plenty of impressive artifacts on display, many of which are in use and not just decoration, what you will not find at our restaurant are microwaves, gas grills and freezers that take away from the quality of your food. Everything is fresh and prepared by hand by our great staff who pride themselves in cleanliness, quality and a constant pursuit of perfection. Our goal is to offer you something different as well as something everyone can enjoy. That’s why you will find a menu that varies from mouthwatering steaks, juicy burgers, craft beer, popular wines, fresh seafood and more cooked on an open flame using white oak. Join us today and see why we are the fastest growing restaurant in Pompano Beach!


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Wednesday’s starting at 4PM.

Wine Down Wednesdays

Purchase any two items from our wood-fire grill, entrées or burgers and sandwiches sections and receive a half priced bottle of wine or champagne from our by the bottle selection under $100.

The Concept

History is a big part of what makes The Foundry unique. Many of the features you will find throughout the restaurant come from Chicago, New York, Kentucky, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other areas. Each piece of history is authentic and is more than just décor.

  • When you enter The Foundry, you can look up at a ceiling made of wood from a tobacco barn from Kentucky in 1902.
  • Near the back right next to our open kitchen and fresh raw bar you will see a big metal sliding door that is from Philadelphia and dates to 1880.
  • The tribute to the “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” photograph is over 80 years old. It showcases 11 ironworkers sitting down to have lunch on an iron beam during the construction of Rockefeller Center above 41st Street in Manhattan.
  • If the lights above your table look like old fashioned dining room lights, it’s because they are. These shag lamps date back to the 1950’s and the Edison bulbs give off an orange glow that truly brings you back to a special time in American history.
  • Along the walls of the establishment you will see bricks which date back to the Chicago fire and are stamped by the Illinois Brick Company.

One of the reasons for the early success of The Foundry is the great leadership and creativity provided by our team of hospitality and culinary professionals. For those who are visiting for the first time, we highly recommends the sushi stack, meatballs with polenta or any of the braised dishes that we take a tremendous amount of pride in. Our bottomless brunch has created a buzz around Pompano Beach. The main influence on our menu was the guests, as many regulars were able to voice their opinions as to what Pompano needed in a restaurant. “The design of this restaurant, the history that went into it and the work is something we take pride in. There is no one who works harder or takes more pride in their work than our team. We believe in a lead by example attitude and that has brought enthusiasm and a great work ethic to our restaurant.” – Foundry Owner

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