• January 27, 2017

A Menu Made For Everyone

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A Menu Made For Everyone

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A Menu Made For Everyone

One of the challenges every family or group has when it comes to choosing a place for dinner is that everyone wants something else. Dad wants a burger and an ice-cold beer, Mom wants fish and a glass of wine, the kids want pizza and while there are several restaurants that offer that type of menu, the level of quality for all those items is not up to your standards. The Foundry prides themselves in having a menu made for everyone with great options for the entire family, the couple out on a date or a group of friends looking for a great place to eat and enjoy a few drinks.

The Foundry FL Oak-Fired Pizzas

The Foundry Oak-Fired Pizza

“When you are putting together a menu every restaurant has their own specialty. There are some who make burgers, there are some who are great in seafood and others have a great selection of Italian food. Why do you have to be great at only one? We wanted a place where literally everyone can come in and have a great meal, come back tomorrow and order something else and love it as much. That’s not just a saying, we encourage people who return to our restaurant to try something else because we want them to see the range we have.” The Foundry Representative

To ensure quality you must start with how the food is prepared. There are no microwaves, freezers or gas grills. The food is prepared on open flame using white oak in an open kitchen which allows visitors to see the work being done. You cannot stand behind quality more than that.

The Foundry FL Raw Bar

Fresh Seafood

“As soon as you walk in you see the amazing work that was done to create this place. The bricks, the ceiling, the walls, everything comes from the early 1900’s and is a great representation of the theme we wanted to incorporate; tradition, quality and hard work. You will also see a big kitchen with wonderful people working hard to make delicious meals for our guests. We felt that was something missing from most restaurants today, show people how hard you work and they will appreciate the quality even more.”

Th Foundry has introduced a new menu with great options for everyone. More important than the options are the level of quality of the food and service. If you are looking for a new restaurant in Pompano Beach to try you cannot there is no better place.

The Foundry FL Executive Chef Shary Almodovar

Executive Chef Shary Almodovar

– James Cox