• August 22, 2017

Mike Mayo’s top 10 burgers in South Florida 2017

the foundry burger

Mike Mayo’s top 10 burgers in South Florida 2017

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If juicy, sizzling hunks of meat are not your thing, you are either vegetarian or un-American. Thankfully, I am neither. Although I am a fancy dining critic, I love to chow down on burgers. It has never been a better time to be a burger lover. Quality blends, artisanal toppings, and intricate combinations have blossomed. Nearly everyone offers decent burgers these days, from expanding fast-casual chains to high-end, award-winning restaurants.

As National Burger Month reaches its conclusion and National Burger Day is celebrated on Sunday, May 28, I humbly offer my first top 10 South Florida burger list. Like anything food-related, it is entirely subjective and open to debate. It skews toward Broward and Palm Beach counties, because that is my main turf. I accumulated notes from a year of eating professionally. I couldn’t eat every burger in town, but I tried to hit all the major chains and players. My main criterion was the burger itself, including toppings and buns but not sides or drinks. Preparation was crucial. If my medium-rare order turns out medium well, that’s a deal-breaker for me.

What separates great from good or average? In general, I’m a purist who prefers simplicity. I like burgers that are juicy but not greasy, and I believe those who press down and smoosh burgers on the grill should be charged with a food misdemeanor. I tend to favor burgers that are flame-broiled, char-grilled or wood-fired instead of cooked on a flattop grill. I believe the only meat that should be placed atop a burger is crispy bacon, not pulled pork, pancetta or (God forbid) pastrami. I believe burgers should have no more than three toppings, and perhaps a condiment, because anything more clutters and overcomplicates. There are exceptions on this list, because rules are made to be broken.

The Foundry FL made the top ten!

The Foundry, Pompano Beach — Served in a large, casual dining room with a lively bar, the Foundry’s wood-grilled burgers are kissed with the sweet smoke of Florida oak. The bun may be a bit bulky, but the signature Foundry burger ($16) is delicious, topped with subtle Gruyere, thick salty bacon and sweet onion marmalade. 2781 E. Atlantic Blvd., 754-205-6977, 

Source: Michael Mayo – Contact Reporter – Sun-Sentinel.com

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