• January 27, 2017

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Our Message

753 483 The Foundry FL

Our Message

You may be wondering about the name and purpose behind “The Foundry.” It’s such a unique restaurant and there must be a story behind it. Owners Frank Grieco and Harry Patel wanted to create a restaurant which paid respect to the bravery and tradition of this great country without having it appear tacky or a piece of décor. That was a challenge but no greater a challenge then the men and women of the time of the Industrial Revolution experienced in the 1900’s.

A True Foundation

The foundation of America is its courageous history. However, these are not relics that are on display for you to view like a museum. The Foundry is a living museum where the relics of the past are functioning parts of a thriving restaurant.  

Quality And Hard Work

Whether it’s the service or the food you will see nothing but the best. The food is always fresh, never frozen and customers can see it prepared with an open kitchen and food that is prepared on an open flame using white oak. It’s truly a one of a kind unique concept which has quickly become a popular spot in Pompano Beach.

“When you come here to eat we want you to be amazed by the historical artifacts found throughout the place, the wide variety of options available and the high-quality of the food we serve. We want this to be your favorite place to grab a burger and a beer as well as fresh seafood and wine. The only way to do that is to set our standards higher than anyone else and we’ve accomplished those goals in a short period.

Our hope is to show our guests a bit of history, not on display but how it continues to function ad have a purpose in our society today. When you come in for dinner you will always have something new to appreciate whether you are on a date, with friends or with your family.” Foundry Representative

– James Cox